Here are the games that will eventually all be reviewed, given time. My Pending Picks are the games I’ve chosen to review next. All followers of this blog get to vote on the Pending Picks…

Sentinels of the Multiverse – cooperative superhero card-laying game
Tales of the Arabian Nights – huge storytelling adventure
The Battle of Balaclava – old school board game attempting to recreate a disastrous battle
Conan – Insanely popular Kickstarter semi-cooperative game of semi-naked heroes
Captain Sonar – Cooperative team game of tense submarine combat
Armadora – small, cute magical conflict game
Assault on Hoth – 1980s wargame recreating a classic Star Wars scene
Balancing Beans – children’s solo puzzle game that subtly teaches algebra
Battleship – classic game
Black Orchestra – cooperative game where you try to assassinate Hitler
Bohnanza – card game involving sets of beans
Blood & Plunder – 28mm historically accurate pirate game
Blood Rage – warring vikings seek glory through battle
Carcassonne  – popular tile-laying game
Castle Assault – solo or 2-player game of….ya know… assaulting castles
Castle Panic – cooperative game to keep monsters out of your 3-D castle, with expansions
Chaos Marauders – old school card-laying game of battling orcs
Charades for Kids – it’s charades, but for kids
Chess – classic game

Clue – classic mystery game. As mysterious as why this spacing goes weird now…

Dark Tower – 1980s classic board and electronic combo

Dead of Winter: The Long Night – sequel to the already reviewed zombie co-op traitor game

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! – competitive game for kids based on a popular book

Dungeon! – classic 1980s dungeon crawl

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing – modern miniatures game
Elementos – super simple portable two-player game
Engineering Ants – cooperative kids’ game with a twist
Evolution – Prehistoric card game
Fleeced! – Wallace & Gromit rustle sheep
Fury of Dracula (3rd ed.) – Semi-cooperative game in which players try to hunt down Dracula
Ghost Stories – Ridiculously difficult but beautiful cooperative game, with expansion
Heroquest – classic table top game, with expansion

Hey, That’s My Fish! – penguins compete over diminishing resources
Hi Ho! Cherry-O! – children’s game
Hoot, Owl, Hoot! – Cooperative game for kids
Joking Hazard – extraordinarily offensive card game by Cyanide and Happiness
Kings of Israel – Like Pandemic but with Biblical Prophets and some excellent twists
Knights of Camelot – Old school 1980s TSR game where you gather experience by performing quests
Let’s Go Fishin’ – children’s game
Lord of the Rings Living Card Game – Extremely difficult cooperative game for one or two players, with expansions
Lord of the Rings Risk – Like Risk but different
Make Your Own Opoly – Monopoly but you design the board
Mice and Mystics – Cooperative fantasy game of mice battling cockroaches, cats, etc
Monopoly – classic game that tears apart families
Monopoly (Star Wars) – classic game that tears apart families but with Star Wars
Monopoly (Transformers) – classic game that tears apart families but with Transformers
Monster Factory – cooperative or competitive kids’ game of tile laying to create fun monsters
Munchkin – Fantasy card game designed by legendary Steve Jackson
Pandemic – modern classic resource management game
Planetarium – beautiful planetary formation game, all sciency and stuff
Pop Up Pirate – stick swords in a barrel until the pirate pops up. Great for pirate parties
Race To The Treasure – cooperative game for kids trying to reach the treasure before the ogre
Reversi – aka Othello, an abstract game of competitive token-flipping
Rush Hour – children’s solo educational puzzle game
Scrabble – classic
Scuttle! – pirate card game for kids
SET – annoying matching game that hates colourblind people
Slapjack – kids’ card game that teaches local animals
Socialism! – An add-on that makes Monopoly nice
Sorry! – simple classic game with a merciless twist
Spot It! – matching game for kids or adults
Star Trek Panic! – Like Castle Panic but better
Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion – Two-player duelling game that’s part Poker, part blackjack, part something else, all in the Star Wars universe
Star Wars: Imperial Assault – one of the highest rated games of all time, with expansions
Star Wars Miniatures Starter Set – Imagine Imperial Assault but nowhere near as good
Star Wars: Rebellion – enormous asymmetric two-player wargame of missions and battles
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures – the biggest-selling miniatures game in America today, and for good reason
Stratego – classic wartime strategy game
Sub Search Game – Imagine Battleships but with three layers
Terror in Meeple City – dexterity game of rampaging monsters
The Ladybug Game – children’s game
The Mystic Wood – classic TSR, search the wood, solve a quest and leave before anyone else
Then There Were None – animal extinction game for older children
The Siege of Jerusalem (2nd ed.) – extremely complicated game recreating the Roman siege of 69C.E.
Toss Across – Noughts and Crosses (aka Tic-Tac-Toe) with beanbags
Twister – classic
Wiz-War (8th ed.) – Wizards duel to the death, or try to steal each others’ treasure
Yahtzee – classic
Zombies!!! – Before Zombicide, Dead of Winter and all the others, there was Zombies. Features the grossest artwork of any game.
7 Wonders – Ancient city creating and the highest-rated family game on boardgamegeek
A Distant Plain – political, cultural, economic and military game on the current Afghan conflict
Aftershock – humanitarian crisis game used by real-life responders for training
Bloc by Bloc – Cooperative game of contemporary urban insurrection
Caribbean – cute and simple pirate ships game
CO2 – Solo and semi-co-op game of energy companies trying to go green
Cold War – CIA vs KGB – two-player political card game
Forbidden Island – Classic, simple co-op
Ghost Stories: White Moon – want to take 90 minutes for a game to beat you? Look no further.
Heights of Courage – Large-scale strategy game set in the Golan Heights
Ivor the Engine – Kids game based on the BBC TV classic

Lagoon – a tile-laying game of battling druids
Legends of Andor  – stunningly beautiful cooperative game
Legends of Andor: The Journey North – expansion to the aforementioned co-op
Lord of the Rings – cooperative board game
Memoir ’44 – Very famous World War II miniatures game
Mission: Red Planet – worker placement with added difficulty of space travel
Pathfinder – Skull and Shackles – Adventure Card Game
Philosophy: The Game – How to turn a discussion into a game… kind of
Sheriff of Nottingham – Attempts to deceive the sheriff to smuggle goods
Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit – Is this the only good thing to come out of the Prequels? We’ll have to see.
Steal This Game! – designed in one night by a company whose cashbox was stolen at Essen
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – a Storytelling game
The Great Fire of London 1666 – competitive game to save people or save your holdings
The Grizzled – co-op game of trying to stay alive in the trenches

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri – asymmetric two-player co-op
Yom Kippur: The Battle for the Sinai – Large-scale strategy game

Clash of Steel – A tactical card game of medieval duels
Dialect  – A game about how language and how it dies
Dwarves in Trouble – Party game about escaping from a dragon with its treasure

Einstein – Tile laying game based on the famous scientist

Omiga – A one-minute card game for two players

Tortuga 1667 – a 2-9 player pirate card game