Boy Got Game

I'm just a boy, sitting in front of a game, asking it to entertain him


January 2017


DINOMITE - The Dinosaur Adventure Game, University Games, 1988 6+, 2 or more players, 10 minutes, competitive Remember a while back when we reviewed Candy Land and demonstrated how it was one of the worst games ever? Well, you're in... Continue Reading →


Friday - A Solo Adventure, Rio Grande Games, 2012 10+, 30 minutes, 1 player, Solo This is the first Solo game that we've reviewed here, which is fitting because it was the first Solo game I ever bought. I have... Continue Reading →


FLASH POINT: FIRE RESCUE, Indie Boards and Games, 2011 10+, 45 minutes, 1-6 players, Co-operative The call comes in... "911, what is your emergency?" On the other end is a panicked response of "I need a simple yet fun cooperative... Continue Reading →

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