This page is maintained by The Tusken Tactician, who spent most of his life living in a small encampment on the South Coast of England, which is why his reviews spell words like “defence” correctly. In true Tusken fashion, though, he moved to a place of scorching sun and little water – Santa Fe, in the Dune Sea.
He has been playing board games since early childhood, mainly the really dreadful ones like Monopoly, Clue and Sorry. In early teenage years, he occasionally put down his Transformers toys and Airfix models to play more interesting games like The Mystic Wood, Dark Tower and The Knights of Camelot. During school lunch breaks, he played Chaos Marauders regularly and by university was playing The Siege of Jerusalem amongst other games.
In time, he became a prolific deck creator of Star Wars Epic Duels before being falling in love with Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. He has written more articles for X-Wing on Fantasy Flight Games’ website than any other player. He was a play-tester for X-Wing Miniatures for three years, as well as a playtester for Blood & Plunder and also for Zephyr: Winds of Change. The forthcoming game Fragments of Wisdom was heavily reworked by The Tusken Tactician and cards will be named after the members of his playtest group as a result.
The recent explosion in board games, especially due to Kickstarter, did not go unnoticed by The Tusken Tactician and the growth in cooperative games allows him particularly to play games with his wife. The number of children’s games in the list is the result of his two wonderful children, whom are just starting to be able to play more advanced games.
In his spare time he likes to take pot-shots at pod racers, take part in a good raid or two and blogging.